Who has been looking at all of the fashions worn by the hottest celebs to all of the latest events?! I know I have and I have noticed a reoccurring hair trend that I always wear as it takes 5-10 mins but looks like it takes hours! Every time I style my hair in this way I get asked if I have done it myself and get complimented on how great it looks. But it is SO easy!

You will need:
- GHD or curler
- Bobby pins (at least 2 or 3)
- Hairspray

How to:

(Normally if my hair is really messy I give it a brush and quick straighten of the top few layers before I style it)

1. Turn on straightener/curler
2. Part hair quite far on one side
3. Start braiding hair around the head – this takes practice but once you have the hang of it, it’s super easy. See my demonstration video below! Also, while you are doing the style for the first couple of times, it doesn’t matter if it looks messy as it suits the style anyway!
4. Use some good quality bobby pins and pin the braid once it reaches the other side of your head
5. Separate the remaining hair and curl the ends. Curl every section the same way so they all entwine with each other
6. Hair spray the braid and curls to hold in place
7. Receive compliments! It is that easy :)

If you aren’t a fan of the curls or want to try something different you could also continue braiding to the end or even leave the ends natural or straight.